Gym Style

My gym style is based on my pear shape (small waist, wider hips), so I usually wear solid color leggings and brighter athletic tops.

For leggings, I like a bit of compression with contour stitching in the rear end. Stitching that goes straight across the rear makes the body appear cut in half, in my opinion.

For tops, I like a higher neckline, especially if I’m bending over to pick up a barbell. Although, I’m not too picky about the neckline if I really love the print.

My favorite brands go from low to high end and everything in-between as I’m willing to pay more for a great pair of leggings and a lower price for tops.

Below you’ll find a few of my favorite places to shop athletic clothing.


ThredUp is an online thrift store that I quite like. While selling your clothing to ThredUp isn’t super profitable, buying used, like-new, and new clothing is a bargain. The top above is from the brand Fila and I paid $9.99 / retails for $25. This top arrived in perfect condition with no imperfections. If you would like to give ThredUp a try, feel free to use my referral link below. ThredUp currently only ships to the USA and Canada.

Give $10, Get $10
Give $10 to shop, get $10 to shop when your friend places their first order.


While I’ve seen the Marika brand in department stores like Kohls and TJ Maxx, it was an Instagram ad that made me take a closer look at this brand. I purchased this particular outfit as the ad listed their Alexis Ankle legging at $17.99 / retails for $65. These leggings are buttery soft and perfect for pilates. Of course, the outfit wasn’t complete without a cute top and yoga grip socks. If you follow Marika on Instagram, you’ll notice that they run all kinds of sales. The last sale that I took advantage of was a buy a pair of leggings get two tops – free!

Nordstrom Rack

If you’ve ever worked out at a CrossFit gym in southern California, you’ll recall that most CF boxes do not have air-conditioning or heat. During the winter months, I rely on half-zip pullovers to keep me warm until I’m warmed up. This jacket is from Zella which I purchased at Nordstrom Rack. The jacket cost $26.23 / retails for $34.97.

So you see, I do shop around for sales and try to find the best fitting athletic clothing for the best price. My other favorite athletic clothing places to shop are Lorna Jane and Athleta. Lululemon, not so much.