Welcome to MP Fitness Insight. My name is Monica and I am a Certified Personal Trainer [NASM] with certifications in Nutrition and Senior Fitness.

My mission is to live my best life focusing on health, fitness and wellness as I age. I have a passion for nutrition and exercise variety. I am often found working out at a CrossFit Gym to a Pilates Studio. While both activities seem polar opposites, CrossFit gives me strength, while Pilates improves my flexibility and elongates my muscles.

In the world of nutrition, I appreciate whole foods over packaged items and instead of following a particular diet, I try to eat mostly Paleo; however, I don’t think I’ll ever give up bread or pasta. Pro Tip: when eating a spaghetti dinner, use half spaghetti pasta and half zucchini noodles. You’ll be eating half the carbohydrates and getting a boost of antioxidants from the zucchini.

I know you are probably on the same mission or perhaps you’re just starting. If you are then stick around and join the conversation. I’m happy to help you find balance in your life.